Jacobsen Valentine Artist Studios

Creation Starts Here.

Work station

Its focus is to have a safe and comfortable space for creatives to work on their crafts. It's 2 rooms that can be used. The Studio space is especially a safe space for the BIPOC Community as it is going to be featuring art from that community. Supporting BIPOC artists is important to us as a company because of the fact the community if so small and for most, their art is stunted in its growth. We accept all artists here of all colors.

The Main Studio space is a 20'x36' room with a Cyc wall. This Space is included with a shared makeup table space, hanger rack for outfits, and a work station to make sure artists have space to work.

The Cyc Studio

The Vault

 The Vault which is a 20'x20' Blacked out room that used to be an actual vault in the 1920s 

Hair and Make Up Station



Owners Story

My name is Jacobsen Valentine, I am a photographer/Chef/ Social activist In Portland Oregon. I have made it my goal to market my talents to the community and build people up. Whether it's doing events, helping people grow their business, or build photographic content to increase people's image, I want to deliver high-quality work to you, the client.

The Studio

A Place for Artist


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