Jacobsen Valentine Studios was built to create a safe, inclusive, space for the BiPOC community.
We know access is important and we don't want people that can't afford the start-up cost of their business to feel they can't be here. With that being said we are creating a Community fund with a Goal of $20,000. 
How can $20,000 make a change?
With the fund that means can do the following;
- 40 individual, 1month long co-working space rental at Empowermental Central.
- 200 hours of Studio rental for creative projects.
Who gets access to the fund?
You must have the following to apply;
- Be a person of BiPOC Community.
- Must have a business plan or Business Registered to the SOS.
- Able to go through a interview process.
- Have a plan for what to do with the space we are giving you.


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